Welcome to Skeleton Lake

Skeleton Lake is one of Alberta's premier recreational lakes and is located approximately 160 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, Alberta.  Overdevelopment and excessive water diversions together with more than a decade of low precipitation have caused the lake level to drop by about 2 metres since 1997. 

SLSA - Skeleton Lake Stewardship Association 
The Skeleton Lake Stewardship Association (SLSA) is a registerd charity and non-profit society with over 1300 members.  SLSA is dedicated to the preservation of Skeleton Lake as a thriving, healthy, aquatic environment for fisheries, wildlife and recreation and is actively working to reverse the harmful effects of human impacts on this beautiful lake. 

Sept. 3
Boyle Town Hall meeting.
Sunday Sept. 3 at 9 am at the Boyle Community Center.  We have a plan to restore the lake level.  
We need your input.  Please attend and pass on the word to all of your friends and neighbours at the lake.
Sept 12

Tuesday Sept. 12, 2017.  Town Hall meeting at 7 pm at Beverly Heights Community Hall 4209 - 111 Ave. Edmonton

We have a plan but need your support.  Please attend one of our town hall meetings.

July 27
Summer 2017 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2017 Newsletter (pdf) to learn about some of the recent activities of the Association.
Our Website
SLSA is one of the first stewardship associations created in Alberta in compliance with Alberta's Water For Life program and this group has spent a tremendous amount of time and money collecting and analysing data on Skeleton Lake.
This website is one of the most comprehensive websites of its kind and  contains over 800 pages of information. Please spend some time navigating the pages to familiarize yourself with the site's contents before looking at some of the specific details included.
We hope that you enjoy your journey and are always happy to receive your feedback.